to my husband, on our 2nd wedding anniversary

I love you.

I love your calm and steady ways, your wit and sense of humor. I love your Bradley Cooper hair, and the safety and solace I get from lying in your nook. I love your brilliant mind, the way you devour books, and the way you can still speak about them in great detail even years later. 

I love your joy, your light-hearted spirit, and your playful ways. And I love your devotion and have enormous gratitude for the sacrifices you make to create our best life, and our future family.

On this day last year, we found out we were expecting. I held that stick and danced around, crying, laughing. We jumped in the car and spent the weekend in Dana Point, a beautiful surprise weekend that you planned, where we spent the next few days coveting our own surprise. I took long naps, in that big luxurious bed, overlooking that big, expansive sea, with a hand on my belly. And we were filled with so much hope and expectation about the way it would go.

It hasn’t been an easy year since then, but I love you even more for it. Through the years I’ve thought I couldn’t possibly get any closer to you, and then I do. I’m closer to you now in ways I could never have fathomed one year ago today. I love you for how you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable, and I love you for how you’ve been strong. I love you for letting me swing wildly, at the whim of these tough emotions, without judging, before you help to steady me. 

I love that during the toughest journey of my life, I have you. 

We’ve faced so much uncertainty this past year, but this I know. I know I’ll always love you. I know that we’ll continue to create a beautiful, inspiring life together. I know that I will do everything I can to continue to be your rock and your biggest fan. 

And I know you’ll be an amazing dad; always up to dance or play or watch the latest Lego movie. To teach our kids about the best authors, about hip hop, about value propositions and how “you can’t beat the market.” You’ll teach them to be lifelong students and that it’s ok if “math is your life.” You’ll teach them how to treat others with kindness and compassion. And I know our children will look up to you, admire you, and want to be like you. 

We still have that to look forward to. 

This I know.  

You and Me. Always.