Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

My husband and I have done one IUI, which resulted in a negative result.

We went in for a CD3 ultrasound, where I had 25 small follicles. I was put on 5mg of Femara to take once a day from CD3 – CD7. I returned to the RE on CD 10, and a already had a follicle measuring 22.5, and one trailing behind at 16.5. Because the one follicle was so large, my doctor worried I would ovulate on my own, so we did the trigger shot that morning, and I returned the morning of CD11 to do the IUI. My husband had 40 million swimmers post wash. Fourteen days later I returned for my beta, and was really disappointed with the negative test. My doctor said if we choose to repeat the IUI she will switch me to Clomid, and I’ll come in earlier for a CD2 ultrasound. Because I was so responsive to the Femara, she would time everything earlier in order to trigger before my follicle go so big (ideal is about 20mm). She would also set my dose at Clomid to try and grow a few more follicles, since I only grew one on Femara.

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