a heart still beats

Thank you for all the sweet wishes yesterday, when I was a nervous mess! The ultrasound today went well. The little babe’s heart is still beating at 154 beats a minute and is growing right on track. Right now, it’s looking like we are 7 weeks 3 days, although each time my doctor measured she got a slightly different measurement. I know there is a lot of variability in the beginning, so I will try not to obsess too much about that one…if my doctor is pleased, then I will try to be pleased!

Our next ultrasound is a week from Wednesday. Already, we’re measuring bigger than we ever have before. I have morning sickness which I’ve never had. And we’ve had two good ultrasounds, which we’ve also never had. I’m still afraid to get too far ahead of myself, but I am hopeful. And that hope feels very surreal.

Keep growing, my little love!


27 thoughts on “a heart still beats

  1. I read your previous post (number 2) at the time and although it has taken me a while to comment I want you to know that I have been thinking of you daily since. I am so so pleased for you and am well aware of the anxious time you are going through. I had Little Man after two miscarriages and was terrified for most of the time but you can do this, this can be your time, your miracle. As I’ve written on many other blogs I have a favourite quote for pregnancy after loss – “you can be scared and brave at the same time”. I will be sending you my most positive thoughts and wishing you a healthy, text book pregnancy. Thank you for sharing your news and I look forward to more updates x


    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I really love that quote and I think it really sums up the RPL experience….we are forced to be brave even when we feel most terrified in order to pursue what we want most. Thank you again for your sweet words and your support…I am keeping my fingers crossed so hard for this one ❤


  2. Oh my gosh!! I’ve been so out of everything for the past 5 weeks with this terrible sickness that I missed this!!! Congratulations! I am so so so so happy for you!!!


  3. I’m so happy to ready this! I just read your post before this one and just wanted to give you a little virtual hug of reassurance. I felt the same way, and at 32 weeks, still do from time to time. It was especially hard with those first few ultrasounds. I would be terrified before every ultrasound and then feel so much relief and happiness afterward, only to start worrying again a few days later. Sometimes it would be hours later! I think it’s normal to feel this way after all we have been through, but I am so hopeful that this is the one hon. Praying for you and your little one!

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