pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day

October 15th

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. At 7pm in all time zones across the world, we light a candle and keep it lit for an hour, in order to create a wave of light. This light will honor the lives that were lost too soon, but loved deeply nevertheless.

Today I remember my two angels that lived only within me. The were loved every moment of their existence and will continue to live on for every moment of mine…in my heart, in my memories, and in my thoughts.

I think of them everyday, but today I honor them.

Baby S.

Baby P.


my candle, burning for my two angels


4 thoughts on “pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day

  1. Reading your posts made me realise that however alone I feel there are others out there who understand how I feel. I lost my first baby in Dec 2013 and my second on 15th Oct 2014 (memorial day). I hope that we will both have happier times ahead.


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