i survived my HSG

It turned out to be not too bad.

I had heard such a range of stories and experiences of the HSG, ranging from the worst pain imaginable, to it was no big deal. I definitely felt jitters not knowing what to expect or which side I would fall on. I also read that if you are too anxious or tense your tubes could spasm causing severe pain, and making it look like your tubes were blocked when they weren’t. I had no idea if that was true, but nevertheless I then became anxious about being anxious.

But it turned out to be ok. I spent the entire procedure focusing on breathing, staring at the weird floral lighting on the ceiling, and relaxing as many muscles as I could under the conditions. The nurse’s last name was the same as my maiden name, so we joked about that, and the doctor proceeded to call us half-sisters for the rest of the exam. It helped to keep me relaxed.

I definitely felt cramping, but the cramping was tolerable. The whole procedure was similar to my saline ultrasound, but with the cramps turned up a notch. The doctor was not my regular RE, which made me nervous, but was personable and gentle. He told me that everything looked good – my tubes were clear and there was no sign of scarring. “She did a great job,” he said once the procedure was done. I just looked at him, not knowing did he mean me? The nurse? “Your doctor,” he clarified, “She did a great job with your surgery. No signs of your septum at all.” He sounded impressed, and that gave me comfort.

I feel so relieved to have done this and have it over with. The peace of mind has helped me feel so much calmer this cycle. Everything is looking good, and now I just need to work on that elusive thing called patience.

As the doctor was leaving, he said to me, “Your story is mighty familiar…my daughter had the same surgery and I’m now the grandfather to an adorable redhead. I know it will happen for you too.”

I thanked him as my eyes filled with tears. I know he’s right. I hope he’s right. 

To read more about the gritty details of the procedure, click here.

44 thoughts on “i survived my HSG

  1. Sounds like you had an “excellent” HSG experience, or at least as excellent as it can be! So happy you weren’t in too much pain, and even more happy to hear that everything looks great! I too hope the doctor is right, and this next one will be the one!


  2. YAY!! This makes me SO happy to hear!! I was scared that I had scared the crap out of you 🙂 And yes, I agree with your doctor. It is definitely going to happen for you… soon! 🙂


  3. That is great to both have the reassurance that everything looks good in there and that the procedure was easy enough for you. I know how hard the patience part is and I’m trying to practice it daily. Will this coming cycle be natural or another IUI?


  4. HSGs are so variable. For some, it’s a walk in the park. For others (myself included,) they are NO. FUN. I suppose it underscores the main lesson of fertility: no one’s path is the same.

    Glad to hear that the HSG went well!


  5. i felt the same way about my HSG. I have always been scared of it, but really it wasn’t so bad. and I absolutely melted when I read his comment about being a “grandfather to an adorable readhead”. so cute!!


  6. whoo hoo! I’m so glad it went smoothly and you had a fantastic report. My HSG was horrible. It was so painful and it took them several different speculums and over 45 minutes to get the dye to go inside for the test. I cried. I’m so relieved you didn’t have the same experience. xo


  7. So happy to hear your experience was bearable and not too bad! I have to agree with other posters, the fact that women have such varied experiences with this test just goes to show that no two paths are alike. I unfortunately fell into the horrendous pain group, it was truly the worst pain I have ever felt and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. But it was a necessary evil! Your doctor seems very sweet and empathetic, that is so important. Keep hoping 🙂


    • So sorry you ended up in the painful HSG camp! I can’t even imagine what that must have been like. It is such an awkward, unpleasant procedure to begin with. I am happy my experience was made better by a sweet nurse and compassionate doctor (and little pain of course). But also happy to *hopefully* never face that test again!


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