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I am truly honored to be nominated by My Perfect Breakdown and F*%k Infertility for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I have tremendous admiration for these two bloggers and am continually inspired by their raw, courageous, and honest accounts of their difficult journeys. I felt quite touched when I first saw my name on My Perfect Breakdown’s post. To be nominated a second time by F*%k Infertility warms my little heart.

(Since writing this post I’ve also been recognized by City Life/Farm Wife, The Cat BedFinding Hope After a Miscarriage, and Hope Anchors the Soul – thank you, thank you!)

I learned of these nominations shortly after getting a negative on that wretched pee stick, the first failed cycle after our last miscarriage. I was in the midst of a very difficult moment; a moment when I suddenly felt the weight of this entire 18 month journey come crashing down around me. A moment when I felt deeply every sting, every loss, every bit of crushed hope, every thud in my gut, every moment of searing jealousy, and every crazy-making moment the constant waiting and uncertainty has caused in the past year and a half. I could feel all of it, all at once. I felt overwhelmed by its magnitude, and by how much energy and stamina it takes to manage emotions that are by definition so untamed. I didn’t feel like I could make it through the day, let alone continue this conception journey. I certainly didn’t feel inspirational.

But receiving these nominations lifted me. And I realized, this is how we inspire each other. The constant support of a genuinely empathetic community. And we watch each other keep going, and we cheer. Despite feeling some of the most intensely crushing emotions, we continue, we keep hope. I know so many of my readers and fellow bloggers have suffered far longer than I have. You’ve lived through more losses, and survived the extreme disappointments of failed IVF and IUI cycles. And no matter what your journey has been, you inspire me. You have given me the strength to continue, and the courage to take a hundred leaps of faith. I see how you all hurt, and how much you struggle while managing the hardest emotions.  But you persevere. And along the way, you find joy and take the time to celebrate the small things in life. You stop to offer support, encouragement and love to others. You are a life boat to so many of us struggling. And I see so many of you make it to the other side, and it gives me hope.

With that I’d like to share my list of nominees for this award. I know many of you have already been recognized, but I’d like to underscore how deeply valued you are, and how much you have truly helped me. Thank you.


Laughter Through Tears

The Cat Bed

My MMC Story

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Preggo My Eggo

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Infertile is the New Black

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Pregnancy Pause

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A Calm Persistance

Look for Rainbows

The Way I’m Making Sense of Miscarriage

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Seven Fun Facts About Me:

1. When I was in first grade, I attended a private elementary school in New Hampshire and was the only girl in my class. I have no idea how that happens, but I was desperate for girl friends and was thrilled the next year when three other girls joined my class!

2. I am happiest when I’m creating or working with my hands. Ever since I was young, I could spend hours drawing, building, painting, knitting, decorating, and anything on crafty. I also love ceramics and throwing on a potter’s wheel and have also taken a handful of photography classes.

3. One of my favorite experiences in my whole life was the trip my husband and I took to Morocco, when we rode camels through the Sahara dessert and slept in a tent under the stars. We woke up early the next morning to climb the dunes and watch the sunrise. A truly magical experience.

4. My husband and I got married in the mountains of central Mexico in a town called San Miguel de Allende. Fifty of our closest friends and family traveled with us to watch us get married.

5. I grew up 25 miles away from my husband in Massachusetts, moved to NYC at the same time he did, and worked at the same company as him for three years before we actually met.

6. When my husband was in business school, I joined a boxing club to get in shape for our wedding. Boxing and kickboxing have always been my favorite forms of exercise.

7.  When I was a little girl I was obsessed with cats (I’m now horribly allergic to them). I had three and named them Anastasia Bumble Bee, Jillian, and Whitey.

17 thoughts on “very inspiring blogger award

  1. When you wrote about the energy and stamina it takes to manage the emotions…nail on the head. It made me choke up because it so perfectly articulated the storm I always feel brewing underneath my fragile composure. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. Morocco is on my wanderlust list!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear of your negative test, I found/find the disappointment the hardest to cope with at times but you have beautifully described our community and reading this post makes me realise that I am part of it too. The kind of understanding (because you’ve been there) support I’ve been needing for so long has been found in bucket loads and is so so valuable. Thank you so much for the nomination. Wow! Like you described I feel so honoured. I’m going to save the rest of what I want to say for my post even though you’ve nailed it (even in regards to the childhood cat names 😉 ) but thank you again.


    • Thank you so much for your support. I still feel so new to blogging, but am so happy to have stumbled upon this community. I’m so glad you’ve found it valuable too! And your nomination is much deserved – looking forward to your post! Hugs ❤


  3. So sorry to hear of your negative test. It’s funny how just in those two weeks after ovulation our minds can really take over – for me, making plans for the pregnancy, figuring out maternity leave…talking to the little one… It’s so heartbreaking to then get that absence of a line. More waiting, more uncertainty, like you mention. I know for me it helps me to tell myself that I need to trust my body. It’s doing what is right (which is almost impossible to believe after experiencing recurrent miscarriages). Try to keep the faith. You are such an inspiration, and you writings have helped so many of us deal with the hell of infertility, recurrent miscarriages, lost hope…and renewed hope. I’ll be thinking of you, and cheering you on.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words ❤ I really appreciate all the support you've shown me! As much as I try to brace myself for a negative result, it's still never easy. And I do the same exact thing, once I know there's a possibility I could be pregnant I start planning and thinking ahead – when would the due date be, what would be happening at that time, etc. I try not to, but I can't stop! Learning to trust my body is good advice. Thinking of you, and cheering you on as well!


  4. I’m so sorry for your BFN hon. I’m so glad receiving this nomination lifted you up and I just loved getting to know you better. Your Moroccan vacation sounds amazing, and I love your kitty names, especially Anastasia Bumble Bee. So cute. I’m sorry you’re so allergic now though. Hugs hon ❤


  5. I’m so sorry about your BFN but also happy to hear that you were able to pick yourself back up. I find I spend a lot of time working to pick myself back up, and any motivation to do it great. 🙂
    Your Moroccan vacation sounds amazing – its on our list of places to go, and you’ve just made me want to hop on an airplane and go!


    • Thank you again for the nomination and for all your support! Yeah, we get a lot of practice learning how to pick ourselves back up 🙂 But I’ve been so inspired by following your journey. And I highly recommend Morocco! Hugs ❤


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